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  • Detection of the precise position of the leak
  • Avoid the immersion of the part in water (bubble test)
  • Detection sensitivity of 0,1 cc/h




The new hydrogen leak detector by ForTest allows to display the leakage without having to make the immersion in water of the piece to be tested, and without using any spray to detect the leak.
Intended both as a cycle that follows the normal leak test, either as a separate workstation for repairs only, the new sniffer at hydrogen allows in an easy, clean and fast way, the detection of the precise point of the leakage, enabling to repair the fault in a much faster and cleaner way.

It can be installed as an option on M8990 and M8960 equipments, combining then the leak test together with the display of the leakage, or as an equipment that makes only its localization, ideal then not only to find the ideal testing points, but also to repair the pieces. The great measurement sensitivity allows to detect leaks at a distance of already 5 cm., till arriving, thanks to the automatic scale change, to the precise position of the leakage, and to appreciate micro leaks of 1cc/h at a distance of few millimeters. It is perfect both for particular pieces that cannot be put into the water, either for simple ones, in order to avoid cleaning or drying after the normal bubble test.

The system is composed by a central unit to set programs and test cycles, and by a hydrogen manual sniffer to find the leakage. The cycle is composed by a phase of piece emptying, in order to aspirate all the air molecules contained in it and then by a phase of piece pressurization with a hydrogen blend at 5% to detect the right position of the leakage. The intelligent logic of the Led bar on the equipment panel and of the multi-tone buzzer, allow the operator to recognize immediately the precise location of the leakage. The low presence of hydrogen in the blend (5% H2-95% N2-NOT FLAMMABLE) makes testing safe and much more practical and clean than the classical systems in water basin or with leak detector spray.



- Black anodized aluminium case - “No break-through” plexiglass front panel
- Display of Test pressure and of pressure decay in mbar / mbar/s / Pa / hPA / cc/min / cc/h
- LCD display 240X64 pixel and blue back-illumination
- Graphic visualization of the leak test on Cartesian coordinate plane
- Mechanical pressure regulator
- Electronic pressure regulator on demand
- Measurement accuracy better than 0,1 Pa
- Hydrogen Leak Detection sensitivity better than 0,1 cc/h
- Automatic leak detection sensitivity
- Maximum distance of leak detection of 20 cc/min = 10 cm
- Pieces Counter and Real time Clock Memory
- Possibility to set up till 300 test programs
- Connector with 24 Vdc expansion signals
- RS232 opto isolated port
- Opto isolated Port for industrial multi points networks
- USB flash drive to record the tests, radio remote control to manage the tests, Wi-fi, Ethernet and Internet direct connections (on request)
- Working temperature min. 5°C / max. 40 °C
- Weight for the basic version: 10 Kg.
- Dimensions: 270X160X300 mm.
- Pressure full scale: (mbar) -1000; 200; 500; 1000; 2000; 3000; 6000; 8000; 10000; 15000; 20000; 30000; 50000


Internal pneumatics discharge valves with fast micro electro valves
Frontal connector for Staubli© calibrated leak
Frontal precision pressure regulator
Electronic pressure Regulator
Auto zero primary pressure circuit
Pre-Filling positive and negative test
Waiting Primary pressure reading
Secondary Output of Waste (third result)
Leak Analog Output
I/O 24 Vdc expansion signal card
Bi-manual logic VDC Start Input
Ethernet plug/TCP-IP
Active USB port
BLUETOOTH connection
Radio remote control selection Kit
High-Resolution measure (1M pti AD) - (STANDARD VERSION)
Capacitance meter for piece volume measure


External exhaust solenoid
3 ways pneumatic valve
External start button
External start/abort pushbutton
External pushbutton 4 programs selection
Start pedal
Barcode reader
M series manager software
TTY serial protocol
Split group “cylinder” type valves with filters
External temperature probe MIXER-07
Software Data Manager
Thermal Printer

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