Equipment settings:

Pressure F.S.
Power supply
Tube size
Kind of gas

Pneumatics with micro electro valves

Pneumatics and valves with very small volumes and high speeds drive: it allows great accuracy and speed on small volume pieces under test.

Frontal precision pressure regulator

Application of a mechanical regulator at very high precision: it can regulate pressure test with better accuracy and stability. Recommended for low pressures.

Pneumatic module of remote measurements

Based on Micro Electro Valves is a Pneumatic Module external to the measure equipment and aimed to minimize parasite volumes, increasing test sensibility and speed on small sizes of volume.

Bi-manual logic Start Input

It accepts Start cycle by two separate Start signals (instead of only one) adhering to the regulations for bi-manual command EN 574. ATTENTION: Unless different annotations contained in each instrument handbooks, this sequence means to make safer the instrument utilization for single use and it cannot in any case be intended as a safe element for other parts handling (ex: presses, control cycles, etc...) connected to them.

High resolution measure

By the application of superior components and transducers , a metrologic resolution of the measure of 1.000.000 points is guaranteed.

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