Equipment settings:

Pressure F.S.
Flow F.S.
Power supply
Tube size
Kind of gas

Pneumatic filling fast

Pneumatic circuit with component mounting high flow to speed up the filling phase for large test volumes. The filling speed is 4 times higher for an instrument with standard pneumatic. Includes precision pressure regulator.

Frontal connector for Staubli calibrated leak

StaubliĀ© fittings for the connection to the front panel of calibrated leaks Leak_ID or of third parties, by StaubliĀ® hermetic fitting.

Frontal precision pressure regulator

Application of a mechanical regulator at very high precision: it can regulate pressure test with better accuracy and stability. Recommended for low pressures.

Profinet Interface

Internal card to interface the instrument to a Profinet network compatible with the most common industrial PLCs.

EtherCAT Interface

Internal Ethernet card to interface the equipment to an EtherCAT fieldbus controller

Electronic pressure Regulator

Application of an Electronic pressure regulator at very high precision for the automatic pressure setting; recommended where it is necessary a very high test precision or where it is necessary to change often test pressures. This option provides the installation of an internal expansion board in addition to the piezoelectric regulator and a dedicated pneumatic circuit.

Auto zero primary pressure circuit

It allows to make a phase of auto calibration of Zero drift of pressure

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy communication interface


By the application of two mechanical manual regulators or by an electronic pressure regulator, it allows to perform the Filling Step with two or more pressures differents among them in order to reduce elastic and thermal phenomenons of the piece under test, reducing the time of Adjustement phase.

Waiting Primary pressure reading

It allows to display the direct pressure, besides in TEST steps also during Waiting and Stand By Step

Secondary Output of Waste (third result)

Particularly used on foundry pieces, it allows to add to the normal Good Waste threshold also a non-recoverable waste threshold (for Foundries: threshold of maximum chemical potting).

Barometric measurement

Enables the barometric pressure measurement. It compensates for the measures to suit the change in ambient pressure.

Leak Analog Output

Analog Output 0-10 V on AUX2 connector that repeats the loss detected in auto scale with the programmed loss.

I/O 24 Vdc expansion signal card

Expansion with 8 outputs (24 Vdc source type, max 2 A, opto isolated, completely safe) and 4 24 Vdc input Opto type.

Bi-manual logic Start Input

It accepts Start cycle by two separate Start signals (instead of only one) adhering to the regulations for bi-manual command EN 574. ATTENTION: Unless different annotations contained in each instrument handbooks, this sequence means to make safer the instrument utilization for single use and it cannot in any case be intended as a safe element for other parts handling (ex: presses, control cycles, etc...) connected to them.

Ethernet plug/TCP-IP

Ethernet connector for PC network connexion. It enables autonomous functions of connection TCP-IP and functions of direct connection to internet network with configurable IP.

Active USB port

USB port of Host type for the connection of a key storage for test results and for the copy of test parameters from an instrument to another one.

WI-FI connection

WI-FI connection 802.11 g for wireless connection of the instrument to PC.

Radio remote control selection Kit

4 channels Radio remote for instrument remote management. Frequency 433,92 MHz; 20m-100 run in open space. T

High resolution measure

By the application of superior components and transducers , a metrologic resolution of the measure of 1.000.000 points is guaranteed.

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