For your life.
The health of a patient is the priority of every doctor who must rely on the perfect quality of the devices used daily in medicine. Only rigorous testing of disposable components can guarantee the best conditions for patients. Using the leak test and flow test instruments of ForTest, it is possible to test components such as bags, sets, tubes, taps, valves, drippers, needles, filters, masks and dialysis machines.
For your comfort.
The guarantee of good functioning and durability of a household appliance comes from the certainty of an assembly that uses reliable and tested components. A proper testing of mechanical and electronic components is the only winning formula to ensure the reliability of home appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, watches, smartphones and much more.
For your productivity.
Machinery for earthmoving or agriculture must have as its first parameter reliability over time, since they are designed for use in environments with often extreme conditions. In the hydraulic system there are the components that can present more criticalities, such as cylinders, high-pressure hoses, axles, buckets, cabins, heat exchangers, harrows and all the spraying systems typical of agriculture. ForTest instruments are suitable for testing these components, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.
For your safety.
The automotive world is constantly evolving and faces new challenges to increase productivity and quality. ForTest supports companies at every stage of the process by providing flexible, high quality leak and flow test equipment for engine heads, brake calipers, internal circuits, lights, exhausts, battery packs for electric cars, pumps and much more.

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