Advantages in the use of Dual Absolute technology
What is the Dual Absolute technology? What is its purpose?
Mr. Stefano Coni explain advantages and purpose of the new Dual Absolute. This technology wants to significantly improve the results obtained until today.
T9731 for tests according to UNI EN 14683 standard
ForTest instruments used in testing biomedical devices
Below is a brief excerpt from the Italian Television regarding the emergency Covid 19 where medical devices are tested using ForTest leak testing instruments.

29 - 31 October - MECSPE - Stand H58 Pad 3 - Parma
ForTest Italia will be present at the 19th edition of MECSPE in Parma from 29 to 31 October at Stand F75 pad 3
12 - 14 February 2020 - A&T Stand F51-E52 - Torino
ForTest Italia will be present at the 14th edition of A&T in Torino from 12 to 14 February at Stand F51-E52

27 - 28 November 2019 - Seminar on Leak Testing in Woźniki - Poland
ForTest will be present in Woźniki, in a 2-day seminar where ForTest's topics and innovations regarding the air leak test will be discussed.
The most common errors during leakage and flow tests and how to avoid them
There are several errors that you may encounter on a daily basis during the leak test of your products. Below we will mention some of them, illustrating the problems to medium to long term.
3 - 6 July 2019 - AMTS - Shanghai
ForTest will be present at the 15th edition of AMTS in Shanghai from 3 - 6 July to W5 Hall-B16 Booth