Free equipment testing

The free equipment testing service aims to test, and completely free of charge, any ForTest tool for a period of 10 days. You can therefore see first hand the actual conditions of our production, the effective potential and performance of the ForTest leak testing tools.

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Technical support

ForTest avails of highly qualified staff capable of supporting you in the event of technical or application problems. Both over the phone or on the client's site, ForTest can resolve any support request in the shortest time possible.

Periodic calibration

The ForTest periodic calibration service consists of scheduling a periodic calibration plan to guarantee 
metrological traceability compared to the national samples and therefore meet ISO9000 standards. Calibration can be carried out in our laboratories or on your site to avoid production downtime.


ForTest is available to install its testing equipment on your site. The technical staff will set the instrument with the correct test parameters to identify the leak rates to comply with sector standards, thereby providing a turnkey solution and without any work on your part.

Test bench consultancy

ForTest can provide consultancy for correct construction of the automatic test benches where your testing instrumentation will be integrated, to conduct tests in the best way possible.

Preliminary tests on products

This service consists of studying the best leak test or flow test solution most effective for your product. A technical report will be provided with the test data, such as the test cycle time, the detected leak rates, the reference standards and the ideal solution for testing. Testing of your products can be carried out in our laboratories or in your plant.


Given the work experience gained in over 20 years dedicated on a daily basis to research and study of technological, performing, reliability and, in some case, vastly customised solutions, we are available to transmit to our clients our know-how in terms of Leak and Flow Testing, through training courses which can make your operators more autonomous and informed. Correct use of our instrumentation and basic technical know-how on the fundamental principles of leak testing are in fact indispensable elements to achieve safe tests.

Leak rate detection

Our qualified technicians use certified primary instruments to detect the leak rate of our products on your site and directly on your test stations. This can take place regardless of the test system in use and allow you to obtain clear data with the correct unit of measurement, recognised at international level and in compliance.