T9731 for tests according to UNI EN 14683 standard

ForTest instruments used in testing biomedical devices

ForTest has decided to make its contribution in the fight against Covid19 by developing a new specific equipment for certification tests, complying with the UNI EN 14683 standard, and thus facilitating the verification of all PPE in an easier and faster way.

The new T9731 includes all the methods indicated in the standard, including the validation of the equipment through a leak test using a second flow sensor (optional in the standard). It is able to measure the differential pressure directly, and the test procedure is automated step by step.

The instrument is equipped with a touch screen panel with 7" high resolution display, and the traceability of the tests is guaranteed by the front USB port, which stores the tests in .csv format. It is also possible to supply on request the sample holder for the test specimens (vacuum pump is excluded).


Leak test equipment manufactured by ForTest are also used by biomedical companies that manufacture Covid-19 emergency breathing masks.
Below is a brief excerpt from the Italian National Television.