Calibrated jets


M0730 is the new ForTest® leak –certificated series for verifying leaks during automated tests. The instrument has been patented european wide.

Employees that use leak identification instruments need to know the calibration of those instruments at any moment, so M0730 is the key element used to verify the calibration. If the instrument recognizes the calibrated leak, it is correctly set.

M0730 is sold with the 1/8” pneumatic connector or with Staubli® male connector.

ForTest calibrated leak is composed by an element calibrated for the requested porosity (leak scales varying from 200 cc/min to 100 lt/min).

M0730 is made of stainless steel, to guarantee an exceptional stability and corrosion protection.

ForTest M0730 is made using specific Pressure and Flow values, in order to satisfy, with maximum precision in terms of loss rates, the customer needs.

Every M0730 is supplied with a calibration certificate and a protective package for a correct stockage.


High stability over time Two connection modes Customizable in values Easy to install

  • Weight 28g
  • Accuracy ±5% + 2 cc/min
  • Max working pressure 10 bar
  • Leak scales from  200 cc/min to 100 lt/min
  • Made of stainless steel
  • SIT certificated calibration
  • 1/8" BSP male connector ( STAUBLI connection optional )
  • Usable for pressure and vacuum applications
  • Pressure full scale: 0..10 bar (customized for the client)

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