Volumetric flow rate measurement system for sample tolerance comparison


M8260 is the new differential comparator of ForTest® M series. 

It has been designed in order to control flow measure excursion from a component sample (nozzles, pipes, serpentines, plugs for dimensional tests, etc) or volume excursion from a sample volume (i.e. cavity control, processing control by tools, bottles control, etc…).

The most classical application is the control of partial pipes obstruction: the good piece has to be put on the reference side and the pipe to be controlled on the test side: the equipment do not indicate the air flow value, but give the excursion result compared to the Good piece connected to the Reference, that is much better and more stable in time than a normal flow measure.

"Dribbles" or partial obstruction up to 10% of tube section to be tested in the application field of fuel tubes.

The revolutionary Flash technology with ultra fast elaboration times allows to have a graphic display with Cartesian coordinate plane and with auto scale of the leak test.

This equipment is available with test pressure from  0 to 1 bar. 

M8260 has got a 24 Vdc Aux connector for expansion signals, a USB port, a RS232 opto isolated port and a opto isolated port for industrial multi test stations networks.

We can supply also external accessories as: printers, Staubli fittings for the connection to the front panel of M0710 (calibrated leaks), kits network sorting for the realization of complex PC networks, mechanical precise regulators  etc … If requested, it is possible to install a USB flash drive to record the tests, radio remote control to manage the tests, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Internet direct connections.

M8260 allows to make static comparisons or volume dynamics.
Alternately it is recommended  to  execute precise measures of cavity volumes, or to verify the presence of foreign matter in alimentary environment (i.e. pots, bottles, etc).

The equipment also has got: a very simple user interface, multi language menu, bar graph indicator which shows test pressure and the detected decay, RGB led  to show good or bad result.   

M8260 can be equipped with electronic control accuracy regulator or mechanical regulator.

  • Black anodized aluminium case
  • “No break-through” plexiglass front panel
  • Pressure measure independent from flow measure
  • Pressure measure on stand-by with internal solenoid (on request)
  • Pressure measure accuracy better than 0,25%
  • Electronic pressure regulator
  • Pressure/flow autocorrelation function selectable by software
  • Auto zero function
  • LCD display: 240x64 pixels and blue back-illumination
  • Graphic display of the leak test on Cartesian coordinate plane
  • Pieces Counter and Real time Clock Memory
  • Electronic pressure regulator (on basic model)
  • Possibility to set up till 300 test programs
  • Calibration according to ISO rules (Menu accessible to the user and concealed by a control algorithm)
  • Connector with 24 Vdc expansion signals
  • RS232 opto isolated port
  • Opto isolated Port for industrial multi points networks
  • USB port for PC connection
  • USB flash drive to record the tests, radio remote control to manage the tests, Wi-fi, Ethernet and Internet direct connections (on request)
  • Working temperature min. 5°C / max. 40 °C
  • Weight for the basic version: 8 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 300X160X350 mm.
  • Pressure full scale: (mbar) : 200, 500, 1000
  • Power supply: 110 Vac 50/60Hz, 230 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Different pneumatics available for tubes (mm): 12x10, 6x4, 8x6, 10x8
  • Test Gas: Hydrogen, Compressed air, Nitrogen

  • External exhaust solenoid with protection filter
  • External start button
  • External start/abort pushbutton
  • External pushbutton 4 programs selection
  • Start pedal
  • Barcode reader
  • Adhesive label for printer 4500pcs
  • Aux signals extension cable
  • Air filter
  • Staubli male connector
  • Precision micrometer nozzle
  • Micrometer nozzle
  • M series manager software
  • TTY
  • Serial protocol
  • PC serial cable owner ---> M Series

  • Frontal precision pressure regulator
  • Pneumatic module of remote measurements
  • Electronic pressure Regulator
  • Auto zero primary pressure circuit
  • Waiting Primary pressure reading
  • Secondary Output of Waste (third result)
  • Leak Analog Output
  • I/O 24 Vdc expansion signal card
  • Bi-manual logic Start Input
  • Ethernet plug/TCP-IP
  • Active USB port
  • WI-FI connection
  • Radio remote control selection Kit
  • High resolution measure - (STANDARD)

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