High-performance Flow Test instrument with continuous measurement for EN 14683


The T9731- EN 14683 is specifically designed for measure the adequate air flow rate in complete adherence to the standard EN 14683 for surgical masks testing.

As shown in diagram C.1 on page 12 of the standard EN14683 , the instrument is equipped with two air flow meters of type Mass-flow with scales 0.0...20.0 nLitres/minute (2.12 of diagram - point C.2.1) servo driven valve controlled from the software (10 of the diagram - point C.2.4), and a double gauge / differential pressure measurement (M1 and M2) as expressly indicated in point C.2.2 .

In order to comply with both the ISO accreditation standards and the expectations of the reference standard, the pressure measurements in “Differential" mode (or pressure drop) occurs in Pa or Pa/cm2 in case the sample area is set in the menu TST with area different from 1.00 cm2.

Automatic pressure regulator Measurement up to 20,000 cc/min Resolution starting from 0.1 cc/min
The connecting "short form" attached to the manuals provides connection to an external vacuum pump (C.2.3), not provided.

A special "flow sensor deviation" parameter allows a continuous comparison of the two sensors of flow measurement(can be excluded by setting the threshold to 0%)
in order to comply in Run-Time mode with the validation of C.2.5.5.

In addition to what is required in the legislation, the instrumentation is able to measure both differential pressures (loss of pressure (mouthpiece head) and relative pressure (mouthpiece head) both for perform tests indiscriminately at a controlled flow rate that at constant pressure.

Complete the features all the options already present in the T9000 range as ISO, LAN traceability, Wifi, BLE , communication ports, AUX signals as more in detail indicated in the user manual.
Usb key RS232, RS485, Can, TTY Ethernet TCP/IP and auxiliary connectors

The T9731- EN 14683 is able to perform in the following way fully automatic all procedures that requires regulation:

- "Breathability" tests, setting the test in mode "PRESSURE DROP” as per Procedure C.4;
- “Tool validation" tests (C.2.5.5) Part 1 of Mass-Flow Relevance
- “Equipment validation” tests (C.2.5.5) part 2 of Mass-Flow Zero Flow Seal

Advanced interface.
We thought the T9000 series as the ultimate expression of technology in measuring systems, with an advanced interface that is useful for analysis and studies in the prototyping or pre-series phase, as well as for the production line testing. The large 7" colour display, embedded in a panel in capacitive glass, allows total interaction in the internal and main-screen menus, and the evidence archive "smart"
contains daily, monthly and specific for each test program,so as to maintain controlled the level of quality of your products.
User friendly interface Easy to clean Use in sectors at 360°


UNI EN 14683

Full scale from 10 mbar to 10,000 cc/min

Flow measurement accuracy : 1% RDG + 0.1% FS
Flow measurement resolution : 1 cc/min
Direct pressure accuracy : 0,5% RDG + 3 DGT
Direct pressure resolution : 0.001 mbar (0.1 Pa)

For extensive technical information please see the PDF data sheet

Download PDF datasheet UNI EN 14683

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