The New "T" Series marks the evolution of the leak testers for the industry. A touch of innovation that fosters man-machine interaction thanks to the innovative tempered glass touch capacitive panel and other technological innovations that make the range, the natural evolution of the previous "M" Series, the new benchmark for testing and proof brought.

Leak Tester

The most innovative and wide range of industrial leak testing instruments comes from the combination of three distinct performance classes (Series T6000, T8000 and T9000) and four different types of measurements: Absolute Pressure Decay(Txx9x), Differential Pressure Decay (Txx6x), Compliance (Txx8x) and Continuous Leakage Measurement (Txx7x). 
  • Entry-level equipment: T6990, T6961

    Applications: Valves, Packaging, Medical leak testing, Mechanics, Hydraulics.

  • Standard equipment: T8990, T8060, T8970, T8980, T8890

    Applications: Automotive, Valves, Hydraulics, Packaging, Medical leak testing, Mechanical, Gas, Pneumatic, Heating, Alternative Energy, Cylinders, Hydraulics, Household Appliances, Electronics.



T6990 Absolute Decay Air Leak Tester Entry Level ForTest
T6990 - Entry level absolute decay leak tester
Ultra-compact entry-level instrument with 0.1 Pa resolution, touch-screen and color display. USB flash drive, BLE and WiFi interfaces on board. Up to 99 test programs. External AUX 24Vdc connections. USB and UART interfaces. Menus available in 6 languages. Manual start/stop button.
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T8990 Absolute Decay Air Leak Tester Standard Level ForTest
T8990 - Absolute decay leak tester standard level
Standard level instrument with resolution up to 0.1 Pa. HMI controller with touchscreen and colour display. Optional electronic pressure regulation. Optional industrial Ethernet based interfaces (Profinet, EtherNet IP, EtherCAT). Frontal USB flash drive and connector for calibrated leak.
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T8970 Leak test instrument Absolute Decay Continuous Measure ForTest
T8970 - Leak tester absolute decay continuous measurement
Instrument designed for specific tests on gas ramps, hobs or repair stations. Sequential testing of various burners and taps. Real-time display of detected leakage. Display of leakage in cc/h and cc/min to meet specific industry standards. UART, USB, wireless and Ethernet-based interface (optional).
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T8890 Bichannel absolute decay leak tester ForTest
T8890 - Bi-channel leak tester absolute decay
Available with 3 types of pressure regulation: single manual regulator, double manual regulator and single electronic automatic regulator. Up to 300 test programs. Firmware upgrade via USB. Interfaces USB, UART, wireless and Ethernet-based (optional). AUX 24Vdc signals for external interface.
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T6961 entry level differential leak tester ForTest

T6961 - Remote differential entry-level leak tester
Ideal for ultra-fast testing of small components. External pneumatic unit to minimize the volume betweeen the unit under test and the instrument. Differential measurement technology for extremely low leak detection at maximum testing speed.
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T8980 compliance standard level differential ForTest

T8980 - Leak testing equipment compliance standard level
Dual-branch compliance measuring system with bell pressurisation. Pressure up to 100 bar and detection of small leaks up to a few cc/h. External interfaces via USB, UART, digital signals 24VDC and Ethernet-based interfaces (optional).
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T8060 Differential Air Leak Tester Standard Level ForTest
T8060 - Differential leak tester standard level
Instrument with differential measuring system. Resolution of 0.1 Pa up to 6 bar full scale. Latest generation solenoid valves for maximum filling speed. Touch-screen capacitive user interface and color display.
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T8090 Dual Absolute technology ForTest
T8090 - Standard level leak tester with Dual Absolute© technology
Dual Absolute system combining the simplicity of a classic absolute decay system with the precision and sensitivity of a differential system. Maximum reliability. No maintenance required. Ethernet-based interface optionals.
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Flow Testing

By leveraging the modularity of the new "T" Series, the flow test is also designed to cover all possible application needs by structuring the range into four types of measurements:
Continuous micro flow (Tx71x), differential micro flow (Tx72x), continuous flow rate (Tx73x), continuous flow RFO - Real Flow Output (Tx74x).  
  • Digital flow calibrators: M2710, M2730

    Applications: Industrial, Metrology, Laboratory.

  • Standard equipment: T8710, T8730

    Applications: Automotive, Household Appliances, Hydraulics, Packaging, Medical, Mechanical, Gas, Heating, Cylinders, Hydraulics, Electronics.

  • High-level equipment: T9710, T9730, T9740

    Applications: Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Brake Calipers, Cylinders, Electronics, Foundry, Gas, Heating, Household Appliances, Hydraulics, Hydraulics, Mechanical, Medical, Nuclear, Packaging, Pneumatic, Valves.

M2710 pressure digital calibrator ForTest
M2710 - Portable digital calibrator for flow measurement
Unit measure displayed in cc/min, cc/h, lt/min, lt/h. Rechargeable lithium battery. Scales from 30 to 200 cc/min. Possibility of interfacing to PC via USB connection and real-time measurement tracing and files log generation.
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T8730 flow tester ForTest
T8730 - Universal flow tester with continuous measurement
Resolution from 0.01 cc/min. HMI touch-screen controller with colour display. External 24V I/O signals (Start,Stop,Filling,Test,Good,Reject,4BCD). Optional electronic pressure regulator. USB Flash drive.
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T9731 EN14683 flow tester for medical mask

T9731 - High-level flow test instrument EN 14683
T9731 - EN 14683 is designed to measure the air flow rate on medical masks in full compliance with the EN 14683 standard. Testing traceability for ISO standards.
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